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Big barbecue bash
Dont forget: We will be having another barbecue on August 30. We are looking forward to seeing lots of you there!
Personality fashion and van aircraft hair type

The airplane head is not only fashionable but also handsome. It is also a good choice for the boys, so let's take a look at the stylish guys who are suitable for the boys, creating a chic look and fashion.

Wu Yifan's short-haired aircraft head with a smart suit perfectly outlines the fashion and personality side, and the refreshing aircraft head and fluffy design is quite handsome.

For the tall boys, this stylish airplane is not only handsome but also fashionable, and the refreshing non-bangs hairstyle brings out the fashionable sunshine side, which is very fashionable.

The long-faced man may not be suitable for the aircraft head. Not only does the design of this style have a fashionable sense, but the bangs will be created into a fan-shaped personality. After the stereotype, the suit will be elegant.

This improved shape of the bullet, the refreshing dew hair and three-dimensional design adds a sense of style, it is suitable for fashion hipsters.

This short hair style, which is similar to the boss's head, is not only simple and stylish, but also has a refreshing hair style that outlines an incomparable fashion sense. Pure black is natural.

The short-cutting on both sides is a highlight of the whole model. The personality of the aircraft head outlines an incomparable fashion sense, and the front of the bangs reveals fashion and handsome.
Handsome aircraft hair type
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